Assimilating Gender Subversion into Counter Hegemony: A Journey from Personal to Societal Disruption in a Fairy Tale

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The fairy tales depict dissatisfied characters, whose individual potential and capabilities are limited under specific gender categories and societal hegemony. Thus, the characters, thus, rebel against the conventions, through gender subversion, and countering the hegemony forces. Thus, the paper is built on the theoretical frameworks of gender subversion, by Judith Butler (1990) and counter-hegemony by Antonio Gramsci (1971). The qualitative research thematically analyzed the character of Alex Bailey from, The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer (2013). The findings revealed that subverting gender gives confidence at the personal level, to counter-hegemonic forms at the social level. The findings also revealed that Alex was criticized, tormented, and discouraged for the subversion of the gender rules and norms, but, she encountered the prevailing hegemony and transformed at the societal level. The transformations are not necessarily massive, but, are sufficient enough to affect Alex and her actions.


1-Faria Saeed Khan
Professor, Department of English, , University of Balochistan, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.

2-Zainab Akram
Assistant Professor, Department of English,, Sardar Bahadur Khan Womens University Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.

3-Fouzia Rehman Khan
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Sardar Bahadur Khan Womens University Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.


Gender Subversion, Counter Ehegemony, Fairy Tale, Personal and Social Disruption

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IV - I

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Published: Jun 2019

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