The Portrayal of Pakistani Diaspora Students in Shamsies Fiction

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Going to the advanced countries for higher education has been in vogue for long. There is a considerable rise in the number of international students in USA universities. This paper explores how Shamsie portrays interaction among international students. It is delimited to the analysis of Shamsies two novels: Salt and Saffron, and Kartoghraphy applying textual analysis as a research method. The insight gained through this research about friendship among international students is in keeping with the findings of the psychological research about three predictable patterns of friendship: friendship with the students of ones own country, friendship with other foreign students and friendship with students of the host country. In Kartoghraphy all three patterns of friendship are found while in Salt and Saffron only a strong bond of friendship between a Pakistani international student and her American counterpart is portrayed. Shamsie presents easy assimilation of Pakistani diaspora students.


1-Rubina Kamran
Professor, Department of English, Foundation University Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Asma Zahoor
Associate Professor, Head, Department of Mass Communication, Women University, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.


Diaspora, International Students, Assimilation, and Belonging

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Published: Dec 2019

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