Complexity of Home in the Memoir 'Threading my Prayer Rug' by Sabeeha Rehman

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The narrative 'Threading my Prayer Rug' highlights the condition of the character named Biya in her journey to becoming an American Muslim from a Pakistani Muslim. This research has presented the complexity of home for the Pakistani diaspora by using the diasporic paradigm of the post-colonial perspective. It has aimed to identify the concept of plurality of home and the problems of unhomeliness. By utilizing Uehara (2007) model of narrative analysis, this research claims that the diaspora's attempt of making their multiple homes have shattered altogether after the incident of 9/11 and diaspora have faced the problem of unhomeliness. The narrative rejects the fixity of the concept of home as the characters in the narrative have attempted to create a blended identity by considering both Pakistan and America as their homes. This unhomeliness makes the diaspora reunite with their first home for their recognition and reconciliation; henceforth, the home of the Pakistani diaspora in Pakistan only.


1-Mohsin Zaheer
MS Scholar, Department of Arts & Humanities, COMSATS Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Quratul Ain
MS Scholar, Department of Arts & Humanities, COMSATS Islamabad, Pakistan.


Home, Belongingness, Plurality, Diaspora, Unhomeliness, Multi-Belongingness and Hybridity

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Published: 09 2020

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