Tracing the Determinants of Marital Quality in Pakistani Society through the Lens of How It Happened

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The quality of the marriage is assessed by many determinants. Based upon a large number of subjects and determines on the marital quality evaluation, this research explores the factors which are fundamental in maintaining marital quality in the novel How It Happened by Haider (2013). The marital quality in this paper is measured through five dimensions, comprising satisfaction, communication, togetherness, problems and disagreements (Allendorf & Ghimire 2012). Gender, education, spouse choice and marital length arise as the most important determinants of these dimensions of marital quality. The data for the research comprises of the text of How It Happened. The marriage determinants are identified through exploratory factor analysis. The research shows that issues like gender, more schooling, contribution in the choice of one's spouse and being married longer do not basically donate in advanced levels of marital quality. However, while the key determinants of marital quality in this regard are analyzed, the main distinction in marital quality, whether it exists through arranged or love marriages remains inexplicable.


1-Zainab Akram
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Sardar Bahadur Khan Womens University, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.

2-Saima Yousaf Khan
Lecturer, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan.


Determinants, Dimensions, Marriages, Marital Quality, Gender

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V - II

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Published: 06 2020

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