Gwadar Opening and its Manipulative Intertextual Portrayal in the English Newspaper Editorials of Pakistan

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Unnoticeable maneuverings via the practice of intertextual capitals do snip their existence in the editorials, which ordinary readers may well discover difficult to locate. The picture turns out to be additionally complicated when associated with nationwide affairs of vast magnitude. To bound the expected manipulation of the informative plans given to the readers through the editorials, the current qualitative study mounted to scrutinize editorials of two leading Pakistani English newspapers wherein the researcher situated and inspected the occurrences of tricky usage of intertextual capitals applying appraisal analysis at the core of text analysis within Fairclough's three-dimensional model. The outcomes of intertextual study reveal significant and devious use of intertextual strategies and instruments by the newspapers to support and propagate their particular ideologies and plans


1-Sadia Siddiq
PhD Scholar, Department of English, National University of Modern Languages, NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Muhammad Uzair
Associate Professor, Department of English, NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Intertextuality, Manipulations, Newspapers, Editorials

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Published: 09 2020

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