Reconnoitering the Impact of Hegemonic Practices used in 5th Grade Pakistani and Oxford English Textbooks

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The present study is an endeavor to reconnoiter and compare the hegemonic practices used in selected Pakistani and imported English textbooks recommended for students of Punjab (Pakistan). Throughout the research, the subject matter was examined with reference to the relevant theoretical background. The content analysis was employed to find out the percentages of categories and sub-categories of reading passages and exercises of the prescribed English textbooks. For relevant data collection, an eclectic model was devised as some of the major categories with slight modification were taken from Stern, H.H. (1983) model in which he proposed six aspects of culture teaching. While in the formation of sub-categories, the researcher has employed his own teaching experience. Similarly, to situate countries and nations that use English for different purposes Kachru’s (1997) model, which divided world nations into IC, EC and OC was employed. Statements that depicted IC, EC and OC countries and nations were analyzed in the two textbooks.


1-Muhammad Ahsan
Lecturer, Department of English, University of Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Muhammad Naeem
Department of English, University of Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Noshaba Younus
Department of English, Riphah International University Faisalabad Campus, Punjab, Pakistan.


Hegemonic Practices, Foreign Language Education, Inter-Cultural Speaker

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Published: 09 2020

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